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Dr. Karen Hackett, my mom and me

Dr. Karen Hackett, my mom and me

I really love my veterinarian, Dr. Hackett.   I think she likes me too.


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  • 1. Baxter's mom  |  January 24, 2009 at 9:07 pm

    I was volunteering @SDHospice on Thurs. when Nurse
    Michele, took me to a back room, out of the way, to hook me
    up to some oxygen. Dr. Hackett wanted to see if a few moments
    with the oxygen would give me easier breathing. And, guess
    what? It did indeed. I loved it! And, I didn’t even mind the tubing
    in my nose. I was a natural. I guess that I’m now a certified
    hospice dog. I just wish that, when I was feeling bad, I could
    have those wonderful nurses around me that help all the
    patients in the in-care facility.

    I’m still diligently doing my swimming with K-9 Cutting Edge
    with Trish Penick who has an abundance of knowledge
    about old dogs like me. I like doing it but I get really cold
    when it’s over. I guess I work so hard in the warm water
    that the cooler outside temp just goes to my bones. Mom
    turns on the seat heater and the car heater and gets the
    car all warm for when my 30 minutes is over. She covers
    me up, snuggles me in, and sweats all the way home while
    I shiver. We are quite a sight. She makes all kinds of sacrifices
    for me because she loves me so much. I think I love her just
    as much as she loves me!

    I’ve met a wonderful family @SDHospice and they have
    balloons in the room for their loved one. I get in bed with him
    and though he doesn’t talk much, he always rubs my paws
    and holds on to them. I feel very connected to him and his
    loving family. Everyone should have a family like this one.

    I continue to meet people who know about me from the news
    or my website. I don’t feel famous. I don’t feel special. I feel
    loved! And, for this, I’m very lucky.

    I hope that if you’re reading about me that one day I can meet
    you and show you how much love I have inside.

    Love, Baxter


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